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Ghost (GH-057)

Ghost, also known as GH-057, is a Tressian on a big mission. He prioritizes his mission over anything else, which can sometimes make him appear a bit stubborn. However, he deeply cares about others, and his protective instinct kicks in automatically.


Mallory Embers

Mallory’s life took an unexpected turn after her accident with Ghost‘s ship THRACER, causing her to become deeply involved in a life-changing adventure. Her initial plan of traveling to Ellys and starting a new life had to be put on hold.

She’s a lively and naive character, who often says what she thinks.


Rose (RO-23)

Rose is a Royal Overseer who managed to survive the Grim Reaper attack and sought refuge with Roy and other Tressians in a hidden base. As Ghost’s supervisor, she plays a critical role in organizing his missions and feels a great sense of responsibility towards her fellow Tressians.

Rose is a reserved character, with little room for humor.


Roy (RO-44)

Roy is a scientist and one of the Royal Overseers specializing in advanced technology. Currently, he is working on a program that has the potential to combat the Grim Reapers. However, he requires assistance to complete it.

Roy is a cheerful character, who enjoys the little things in life.



He’s the creator of the Tressians and resides on a tropical island. Aren is known for his temperamental nature and tendency to get angry easily.



Corbo is considered a Great Hero, but he doesn’t act very heroic.
He comes off as cocky and sarcastic.