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A word that Ghost drops in sticky situations. It’s probably a swear word, let’s be honest.

"Good Mave"

“Good Mave” is a greeting used on space stations. It combines “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” and “Good Evening” into one universal greeting. When time becomes a blur in the vastness of space, this phrase keeps humans connected. 


Mallory’s go-to word when things get messy. It’s her swear word, but nobody really knows what it means.

Star-Shift Unit

The Star-Shift Unit is a module that enables ships to make interstellar jumps to the nearest star. However, it takes a few seconds to start up before it can engage and initiate the jump.



Humans have established their presence across the galaxy, inhabiting various planetary destinations. Among these, planets like Arthos and Ellys are known for their human civilizations.


Tressians are a group of robot-like beings.

Referred to as ‘Programs,’ each Tressian has their own set of skills, specializing in different tasks. Among them are the Great Heroes, Royal Overseers, Grim Reapers, and diligent Workers.

Great Heroes: while their exact job remains unknown, they are currently focused on lending a hand during the Carabalt Crisis.

Grim Reapers: a specialized Tressian division assigned with the task of assassination. Their targets and motives remain shrouded in mystery.


Chemineras are a group of beings who have horns on their heads and unique stripe-like markings on their faces. They are around 120 cm tall on average, and their distinctive appearance makes them stand out as outsiders.


Petrichoans are the ones who created Tressians. Not much is known about them, though.

Tressian Lore


Carabalt is a mineral resource that’s found in mines. It looks like red crystals with a mysterious liquid inside. It’s used to make energy cores for Tressians.
Interestingly, Carabalt also helps Tressians navigate through space, but it’s not exactly clear how it works.

Carabalt Crisis

The Carabalt Crisis kicked off when the resources on Tressa started running low. The Tressians relied on these resources to create energy cores that kept them up and running. However, as the supply dwindled, they faced a harsh reality: they needed to find new sources quickly to keep functioning. It was a race against time to secure their survival and overcome this critical challenge.