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Mallory’s home planet is where she lived with her father until he passed away. Unfortunately, the planet experiences increasing levels of pollution every year.



At the moment, Planet Ellys is the most sought-after destination for Arthos residents, as it is currently the closest it has been to the Taureed mining station in space, the optimal transit point to reach Ellys. With an orbit of 104 years, Ellys is typically out of reach for most of the time, but its current proximity makes it an ideal location for Mallory to start anew.

Mining Station


Taureed is a mining station floating amidst an asteroid belt in space, primarily occupied by miners. However, due to the surge in travelers heading towards Planet Ellys, the station has now transformed into a sprawling spaceport. A multitude of amenities such as restaurants, shops, and hotels have been added to cater to the needs of the travelers, making their journey comfortable and enjoyable.



Gavelock, the largest planet in the solar system, boasts two enormous moons, Proctor and Lancea. Mining activities had previously taken place on Proctor, though it has since ceased.



Vestra is a desolate ice planet where the conditions are too harsh for any form of life to thrive. Despite this, Mallory can’t help but admire the stunning views as she zooms past it in her pod.



Allasso is a smaller blue gas planet compared to Gavelock and similar to Arthos, it does not have any natural satellites of its own.



Ghost’s home planet, and the planet where all Tressians originated from. It’s located on the edge of the habitable zone and is known for its frigid temperatures. Other known inhabitants include the Thrumas. It once had a great resource of Carabalt.



This planet is the antithesis of Tressa, as it is a molten planet with scorching temperatures that render it uninhabitable.